Acrylic Storage Bins For Tips and Tubes
> Convenient enclosed storage > Wall mountable


Advantage Filter Pipet Tips
> Hydrophobic filter > Allow sample recovery > RNase, DNase free > Sterile


Lo Retention Pipet Tips
> Eliminate sample retention > Complete sample recovery > Outperform standard tips


Micro-Size Pipette Tips
> For air displacement pipettors > Fit variety of models > Available racked, sterile and bulk


Multi MiniFlex™ Tips
> Short style for sequencing applications > 0.1-10 µl capacity > RNase and DNase free


MultiFlex Micro-Capillary Pipet Tips for Gel Loading
Efficient and accurate
RNase and DNase free

Product usually ships within 24 hours.

Quick Rack Tip Transfer System
> Transfer 96 tips at one time > Fits most existing racks > Low retention polymer > Tips certified RNase/DNase free


Shorty 25ml Serological Pipet
Convenient length
Pyrogen free


UniFit Pipet Tips
Fits all popular pipettors
High accuracy and reproducibility
RNAse and DNAse free

Available in 200ul and 100ul sizes and in Blue and Yellow color.

Universal Fit Pipette Tips
Fits all popular pipettors
RNase and DNase free
Low retention polypropylene

Available in 200 and 100 ul sizes.

UniversalPlus™ Pipet Tips with QuickRack Racks
> Superior to traditional style tips > Simplified tip selection > Exclusive soft fit collar > RNase/DNase free, pyrogen free


UniversalPlus™ Pipet Tips with Standard Rack
> Superior to traditional style tips > Exclusive soft fit collar > RNase,DNase free, pyrogen free


UniversalPlus Pipet Tips with TipStation Rack
> Superior to traditional style tips > Exclusive soft fit collar > RNase/DNase,pyrogen free


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