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nUVaClean UV Pipette Carousel

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nUVaClean UV Pipette Carousel

The ProPette nUVaClean is the first and only pipette rack that organizes and protects six pipettes, as well as destroys >99% surface contamination. The new nUVaClean uses a germicidal UV-C lamp with a high-efficiency reflector/ concentrator to completely bathe pipette shafts in 254nm light with 360° UV exposure. UV-C exposure reduces and destroys biological contaminants, mycoplasma, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and DNA up to 99%. This treatment destroys unwanted microbiological contaminants and prevents cross contamination in PCR and other sensitive procedures.

Easy to use - place up to six single channel pipettes in the nUVaClean Carousel and press the “start” button. One step decontamination cycle begins immediately, and after 28 minutes, the unit powers down automatically, delivering pipettes that are safe, clean and ready for use. Carousel holds all pipette brands in a compact 6.5” diameter footprint. Pipettes do not require disassembly or recalibration. Made in USA.

Reduces and destroys up to 99% bacteria, fungi, viruses, and DNA
Eliminates cross-contamination

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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