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Mini-Genie Blotter with Platinized Titanium Electrode

Price$ 432.75
  • SKU: 144002
  • Pack Size: 1 EA

Research laboratories worldwide use Genie Blotters for rapid and accurate electrophoretic transfers. The unique design closely positions the plate electrodes to produce high field strengths (in volts/cm) with low voltage power sources. Superb Western Blots can be obtained in as little as 30 minutes at 24 volts. Northern and Southern blots in as little as 60-90 minutes.

Genie also features an easy to load cassette tray for submerged bubble-free assembly. Slide the loaded tray into the tray holder and stand unit upright. The vertical operation eliminates bubble accumulation, gel slumping and burned blots.

Supplied complete with cassette tray, tray holder, electrodes, Scotch-Brite pads, bubble screens,complete instructions and free power supply. Models with a platinized titanium anode are recommended for blotting high molecular weight proteins or large nucleic acids. Mini-Genie Blotter will blot gels up to 10 x 12 cm and uses 300 ml buffer.

5 lbs

11.50 x 9.00 x 9.00

Product usually ships within 24 hours.
Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
  • 30 Minute "Western's"
  • 60 Minute "Southern's"
  • 90 Minute "Northern's"

10 x 12cm
Buffer Volume: 300ml
Electrode Type: Platinum Anode

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