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EZ Nucleosomal DNA Prep Kit, 20 Preps

Price$ 137.00
  • SKU: ZD5220
  • Pack Size: 20 Preps
EZ Nucleosomal DNA Prep Kit, 20 Preps

The EZ Nucleosomal DNA Prep Kit is a streamlined procedure for the isolation of mammalian and yeast nucleosome-associated DNA. The kit includes procedures and reagents for: cell nuclei isolation, intact nuclei micrococcal nuclease digestion, and nucleosomal DNA purification. Non-nucleosomal DNA is specifically degraded using micrococcal nuclease and an optimized reaction buffer; while purification of "protected" nucleosome-associated DNA is performed using Zymo Research's proven Fast-Spin column technology. The result is pure nucleosomal DNA ready for analysis in less than 30 minutes.

1 lbs 1.76 oz

5.11 x 5.11 x 5.11

Product usually ships within 24 hours.
Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
Includes Room Temp item D5220 x 1 and Dry Ice Item D5220-1 x 1

  • Format: Spin Column
  • DNA Recovery: Typically, up to 25 µg total DNA can be eluted into as little as 25 µl water. For DNA 75 bp to 10 kb the recovery is 70-90%. For DNA 11 kb to 23 kb the recovery is 50-70%.
  • Sample Sources: Nucleosome associated DNA isolation and purification from mammalian and yeast cells.
  • DNA Purity: High quality, purified DNA is eluted with elution buffer or water and is especially well suited for PCR amplification, arrays, Southern blot analysis, DNA quantification, sequencing, and other molecular applications.
  • Product Detergent Tolerance: ≤5% Triton X-100, ≤5% Tween-20, ≤5% Sarkosyl, ≤0.1% SDS

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