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DNA/RNA Shield - Fecal Collection Tube, 10 Pack

Price$ 90.00
  • SKU: ZR1101
  • Pack Size: 1 EA

Room Temperature

DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection tubes are designed for the collection and preservation of nucleic acids from stool specimens. These stool collection tubes take a microbial snapshot of a sample while inactivating viruses making samples safe and ready for transport. Samples stored in the these stool collection tubes are stable at ambient temperature, and can be frozen for longer-term storage. Simply collect a spoonful of the specimen into the stool collection tubes prefilled with preservative and shake vigorously to ensure proper stabilization.

0.5 lbs

7.00 x 3.50 x 3.50

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
Applicable For: Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray
Device Specs: 20 x 76 mm screw cap tube prefilled with DNA/RNA Shield (9mL). Spoon attached to screwcap.
Device Storage: RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 1 month DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 2 years DNA & RNA: Frozen (< -20°C): Indefinitely
Sample Collection: 1g or 1mL stool sample
Sample Source: Stool, soil, environmental samples

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