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Petri-Seal, Yellow, 1/2 Inch x 108 Feet

Price$ 31.00
  • SKU: 247121
  • Pack Size: Yellow
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Petri-Seal, Yellow, .5"x108'
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This item: Petri-Seal, Yellow, .5"x108' $ 31.00

Petri-Seal, White, .5"x108' $ 31.00

Petri-Seal, Red, .5"x108' $ 31.00

Petri-Seal, Yellow, .5"x108'
Petri-Seal, Yellow, .5"x108'
Petri-Seal, Yellow, .5"x108'

Ideal sealing tape for petri dishes and micro-well plates. Tape stretches and conforms to ensure a tight seal. Designed to prevent water vapor loss, reduce rate of gas exchange and prevent entry of contaminants. Tape is easily removed from most surfaces without leaving a residue. Elastomeric plastic withstands continuous exposure from -40°C to +77°C (with intermittent exposure to 100°C). Resistant to most organic solvents.

3.00 oz

4.75 x 4.75 x 0.75

Product usually ships within 24 hours.
Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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