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Femto Human DNA Quantification Kit

Price$ 258.11
  • SKU: ZE2005
  • Pack Size: Human
Femto Human DNA Quantification Kit

The Femto Human DNA Quantification Kit can detect and quantify human DNA with high specificity and sensitivity. Human DNA can be reliably quantified in a background of non-human DNA, such as fungal, bacterial, animal, plant DNA, etc. This is essential for downstream applications that require accurate DNA input amounts such as STR analysis. The Femto Human DNA Quantification Kit dependably quantifies as little as 20 fg from 1 µL of DNA purified from biological liquids, human cell cultures, anthropological samples, or forensic samples.

Quantify as little 20 femtograms of human DNA in as little as 1 µl of sample.
High specificity and sensitivity for human DNA in a background of non-target DNA.
Fast and simple: add samples to the PreMix... and quantify.

0.3 lbs

6.00 x 5.00 x 1.00

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
Detection Range: 20 fg to 20 ng DNA
Equipment: Real-time quantitative PCR system, vortex mixer, microcentrifuge, PCR tube strip or PCR plate; optically transparent sealing film for PCR plate or tube strip caps
Sample Source: Purified DNA

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