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His-Spin Protein Miniprep Kit, 10 Preps

Price$ 88.73
  • SKU: ZP2001
  • Pack Size: 10 Preps
His-Spin Protein Miniprep Kit, 10 Preps

Room Temperature

The His-Spin Protein Miniprep provides a fast spin-column based purification technology for His-tagged proteins. Up to 1 mg of His-tagged protein can be purified in 5 minutes and eluted in as little as 100 µl of His-Elution Buffer. The purified protein is ultra-pure and can be used directly for enzymatic assays, protein biochemical analyses, SDS-PAGE and other sensitive applications. The straightforward spin, wash, and elute protocol dramatically simplifies protein purification and allows the end user to get results in minutes, not hours.

Fast: Purify His-tagged proteins from cell lysates in less than 5 minutes.
Simple: Prepare pure protein for small-scale studies using a spin-column.
Convenient: No special instrumentation needed other than a benchtop microcentrifuge.

0.5 lbs

7.00 x 3.00 x 1.30

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
Affinity Matrix: Nickel charged agarose
Binding Capacity: 1 mg
Elution Method: Imidazole gradient
Elution Volume: 100 - 200 µl (150 µl is optimal)
Principle of Technology: Based on a nickel-charged His-Affinity Gel (IMAC).
Processing Time: 5 minutes
Product Storage: Please store the His-Affinity Gel, His-Binding Buffer, His-Wash Buffer, and His-Elution Buffer at 4°C. The other components can be stored at room temperature.
Protein Purity: Electrophoretically pure. Purified high-quality protein is suitable for enzyme kinetics, protein biochemical analyses, SDS-PAGE, and other applications.
Required Equipment: Microcentrifuge
Sample Type: Cell lysates or other complex protein mixtures containing His-tagged proteins.

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