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Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA, 96 Preps

Price$ 300.00
  • SKU: ZR2100
  • Pack Size: 96 Preps
Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA, 96 Preps

Room Temperature

The Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA provides a high-throughput, magnetic bead based purification of high-quality RNA directly from samples in TRI Reagent and similar. The extraction method inactivates viruses and other infectious agents. Total RNA including small and non-coding RNAs (17-200 nt) is effectively isolated from a variety of sample sources (cells, tissues, serum, plasma, blood, biological liquids, etc.) using this product.

The procedure is easy: simply add Direct-zol Binding Buffer and MagBinding Beads to a sample in TRI Reagent, wash and elute the RNA. No phase separation, precipitation, or post-purification steps are necessary. The result is broad range purification of small and large RNAs suitable for subsequent RNA-based methods including RT-PCR, transcription profiling, hybridization, etc.

*U.S. Patent No. 9,051,563 and other pending patents.
High-throughput, magnetic bead-based purification of high-quality (DNA-free) total RNA directly from TRIzol, TRI Reagent and all other acid-guanidinium-phenol based reagents (RNAzol, QIAzol, TriPure, TriSure, etc.)
Bypasses phase separation and precipitation procedures, for non-biased recovery of miRNA

1.9 lbs

9.00 x 6.50 x 6.00

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
  • Sample Sources: Cells from culture, solid tissue, plasma, serum, whole blood, and in vitro processed RNA (e.g., transcription products, DNase-treated or labeled RNA) or samples stored and preserved in TRI Reagent®, TRIzol®, RNAzol, QIAzol, TriPure, TriSure and all other acid-guanidinium-phenol reagents.
  • RNA Purity: A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8. Complete removal of DNA is performed with DNase I digestion
  • RNA Recovery: The RNA binding capacity is ~10 µg/20 µl MagBinding Beads.
  • RNA Storage: RNA eluted with the DNase/RNase-Free Water (provided) can be stored at ≤-70°C. The addition of RNase inhibitors (optional) is highly recommended for prolonged storage.
  • Equipment Needed: Automated liquid handler with heating element, plate shaker, and 96-well magnetic stand (not provided). The procedure can also be performed manually.
  • RNA Size: RNAs ≥17 nucleotides.
  • Sample Inactivation: TRI Reagent inhibits RNase activity and inactivates viruses and other infectious agents.

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