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G-418 Disulfate, 5 Grams

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  • SKU: G64000-5.0
  • Pack Size: 5 G

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G-418 Disulfate, 5 Grams



C20H40N4O10 • 2H2SO4



G-418 Disulfate, also known as Geneticin, is a widely used antibiotic in the life science marketplace. It is commonly utilized as a selective agent in cell culture systems and molecular biology applications.

G-418 is derived from the bacterium Micromonospora rhodorangea and belongs to the class of aminoglycoside antibiotics. It acts by inhibiting protein synthesis in cells, specifically targeting the 80S ribosome and interfering with translocation.

In the life science marketplace, G-418 Disulfate finds extensive use as a selective agent for cells that have been genetically modified or transfected with a G-418 resistance gene. This resistance gene is often incorporated into plasmid vectors or recombinant DNA constructs to allow for the selection and maintenance of cells that have successfully taken up the desired genetic material.

The selective nature of G-418 Disulfate makes it an invaluable tool in molecular biology research. By incorporating the G-418 resistance gene and applying G-418 treatment, researchers can specifically select cells that have successfully integrated the desired genetic material.

This antibiotic selection system is commonly used in techniques such as stable cell line generation, gene expression studies, and protein production.

0.3 lbs

1.50 x 2.00 x 1.50

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Absorbance @ 280nm (1mg/mL in H2O): ≤ 0.015 nm
  • Absorbance @ 570nm (100mg/mL in H2O): ≤ 0.10 nm
  • Ammonia: ≤ 1.0 %
  • HPLC (Purity): Report %
  • Loss on Drying: ≤ 10.0 %
  • pH: 5.0 - 6.0
  • Potency (Dry basis): ≥ 700 µg/mg
  • Purity (TLC-Spot): ≤ 3 Spots
  • Solubility (100mg/ml in H2O): Colorless Solution
  • Specific Rotation: +104 - +121 °
  • Non Animal Origin: The product does not come in contact with materials of animal origin.
  • BSE/TSE Free: BSE/TSE Free
  • Country of Origin: Report

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