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Ultra Clear Cellophane for Drying Gels, Pre-Cut Sheets of 40 x 48cm, 100 Sheets per Package

Price$ 120.00
  • SKU: 1090
  • Pack Size: 40x48cm Sheets

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This item: Ultra Clear Cellophane, 40x48cm $ 120.00

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Ultra Clear Cellophane for Drying Gels, Pre-Cut Sheets of 40 x 48cm, 100 Sheets per Package

The membrane used to air dry gels is the most important component. This ultra clear cellophane provides the optimum porosity to ensure uniform drying and to prevent cracking of gels. RPI Cellophane is autoclavable and commonly used for surface growth of plants,1mold spores, and mushrooms.  Unique pore size allows passage of small molecules, nutrients, and antibiotics for screening purposes.

Outperforms conventional plastic film
Laboratory tested for gel drying
Consistent porosity and quality

Application Note: Cellophane can act as a substrate for germination/plant growth (i.e. fungal spores) while preventing penetration into the growth media. The Ultra Clear Cellophane is a hydrophilic and porous based film that can be autoclaved prior to use. After autoclaving, the cellophane is slightly softer and easier to use. The cellophane allows nutrients to be absorbed by the plant, while preventing roots from embedding into growth media. Clark et. al. accurately measure root hair growth over a one hour period rather than the usual days long technique.

1. Clark et. al. Plant Molecular Biology, Vol. 74, pp. 423-435 (2010). (PMID 20820881).

1.8 lbs

18.00 x 7.00 x 1.00

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
Pre-Cut Sheets 40 x 48 cm for Sequencing Gel Dryer
Film is 0.1 mm thick

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